Hello! I'm Reese and I'm a freelance artist in California. I have a disability that makes me a little too unreliable for the 9 to 5, so I'm making an attempt at doing what I love and that's figuring out the puzzle of putting a pattern together and ghosts. I'm trying to launch my brand, so please stay tuned for ready-made plush, stickers, and other accessories of ghosts, cryptids, and other little spookies.


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My Patreon is currently going through a revamp!

By supporting me, you'll gain access to a Discord channel where you can directly ask me for tips and tricks, WIPs, or upcoming projects for streams. I'll also be offering beginner friendly patterns, the occasional ITH embroidery pattern, tips for digitizing, and first dibs on upcoming drops to my shop.

Thank you for your support!

F A Qs

Are you open for commissions?

Almost always. I use the commiss.io site to keep track of commissions and to communicate with commissioners. Sometimes I might have a queue since I do have a day job and have been a bit unlucky with my health recently but I will always let you know if there's a delay. Usually they take no more than 8 weeks for me to accept and make.

How much do custom plush cost?

Anywhere from $200 to upwards of 350, depending on the type of plush and level of detail.

Can I request an OC or fursona?

Yes, please! I welcome anything and everything!

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes! Please let me know at the beginning of the commission if you are located out of the US so that I can adjust the prices for shipping.

How do you ship?

I ship Priority Mail from the USPS and it comes with a tracking number (sometimes I forget to send it, so please ask me if you'd like one).

Please do not wait over 90 days to contact me about undelivered orders. The USPS reuses tracking numbers and it will be impossible to track down or get insurance.